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by Anita Stuhmcke
BA LLB (Hons), MJuris (Hons), Grad Dip Leg Prac, PhD
Faculty of Law, University of Technology, Sydney



Author: Stuhmcke, Anita
Title: Essential Tort Law
Edition: 4th ed
ISBN: 9780980741407 (pbk)
Series: Zortonomy Core Law Student Collection
Page length: 220pp

The Zortonomy™ Core Law Student Collection provides law students with a concise guide to key elements of core legal subjects.
Essential Tort Law, now in its 4th edition, is an excellent preparatory tool for either pre-tutorial or lecture work, or in preparation for final exams and research assignments. 

Chapter 1: Introduction to Negligence
Chapter 2: Element One - Duty of Care
Chapter 3: Element Two - Breach of Duty
Chapter 4: Element Three - Causation
Chapter 5: Element Four - Remoteness
Chapter 6: Defences to Negligence
Chapter 7: Intentional Interference with the Person - Trespass
Chapter 8: Trespass and Actions on the Case
Chapter 9: Trespass to Land
Chapter 10: Intentional Interference with Goods
Chapter 11: Defences to Intentional Torts
Chapter 12: Nuisance
Chapter 13: Damages
Chapter 14: Statutory Compensation
Chapter 15: Liability of Parties and Limits on Awards of Damages